Can you provide some of your customer references?

  • Yes. Customer references are available upon request

When will I receive my photos?

Wedding pictures will be uploaded within 10 days. All other pictures will be uploaded and ready for viewing within 2 days.

Do you require a deposit?

For wedding packages, I require a $100 deposit, which secures your date. The remaining balance is due a week before the wedding.

Why do you upload to dropbox?

I LOVE dropbox. I learned about it when I was in Bosnia when I did a charity event. I like it because all I have to do is text or email you the link and the customer has total access to text or email it to their bridal party or family and friends. A lot of people come up to me at events and say can you send me my picture? No offense but sometimes I take several hundred pictures. It's too time consuming to look through them all and text everyone individually.

Do you have a facebook page?

I have a personal Facebook page that I uploaded some photos to, but it's by invite only. Most of my work is in this personal website. If you want to see some of the videos, that is uploaded to my private group FB page, I would have to invite you.

Do you post my photos to my timeline if I am your friend on facebook?

No. I give you the link to the photos and you can post whatever you would like. I am one who does not like to post EVERYTHING on facebook. 

Do you have a photography contract?

Yes, I have contracts. Your invoice has the contract listed as well